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Horse & Dog Vet Hospital
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Tips From Dr Aeh

It’s sunshine day.

To prevent your pets from heatstroke, please do not let play at the daytime, too much sunlight. After 4 pm. is a good time to play or swim. In addition, giving them more fresh water is another good way to avoid dehydration. Have a nice sunny day.

11th November 2014

Storm is coming this week.

Please avoid too much swimming or showering while it rains which can cause of cold in Dog and Cat.

08th November 2014

Hospital News

Pets Magic Planet Grand Opening!

18th February 2015 | Pixel Designs

Horse & Dog Horse & Dog (Eng)

New Year Period

08th December 2014 | Aomme Chong

Dear our valued customers

The Horse & Dog Vet Hospital services will be open as normal during New Year period except grooming service which be closed between 31 Dec 2014 – 2 Jan 2015. Our team are looking forward to seeing and helping you and your beloved pet when the happiness season coming.

Thank you ka.


We love our King.

05th December 2014 | Aomme Chong


Incredible moment hospital granted dying woman’s wish to see her beloved horse for one last time

11th November 2014 | Aomme Chong


Sheila Marsh had one final wish to see her favourite horse, Bronwen before she died.


Luckily, hospital staff at Wigan Royal Infirmary were able to organise the horse and it’s owner to meet one last time on the steps of the establishment.


Only hours later, Mrs Marsh sadly passed away following her fight with cancer.


The 77-year-old grandmother-off-four has raised Bronwen from a foal, caring for the animal for a quarter of a century.

The hospital’s bereavement liaison specialist nurse, Gail Taylor told the Manchester Evening News: ‘We listened and acted on Mrs Marsh’s last wishes.


‘Sheila gently called to Bronwen and the horse bent down tenderly and kissed her on the cheek as they said their last goodbyes.’


Her daughter, Tina Marsh, 33 said of this fulfilled wish: ‘Her condition did not get any better and the hospital allowed us to bring Bronwen in.


‘It was a matter of hours later that she passed away, I want to thank the hospital and all the nurses.’

Alternative ways to contact us

09th November 2014 | Aomme Chong

Dear our beloved customers From now on, you can contact us through many options; Line ID: horseanddog or WhatsApp: 0842106868 And you can Follow and Like us on Facebook: Horse & Dog Vet Hospital or Twitter: @HorseDogVet or Instagram: horseanddogvethospital Thank you and Have a nice Sunday!

Pets Magic Planet, Phuket’s newest petshop

08th November 2014 | Aomme Chong

Our hospital is pleased to announce all of our beloved customers that we will open new petshop, just beside our hospital main building. By the end of November, this beyond expectation petshop will serve you with imported products including food for dog and cat and their accessories, food for fish and exotic pets and any other services with our excellent service mild.