Support Packages

I offer several levels of support to suit most business types. If there isn’t a package listed for you, please get in touch and explain your requirements.

General Information

<p class="center">All package hours have a 1 month life span, unless stated otherwise. Up to 20% of unused time can be carried forward to the following month, to be used within that month. Time will chargeable as a deduction of your allotted hours or, if no hours remain, and if no extra support package has been requested, time will be charged at the additional hourly fee (see package details). All time is logged whether it be the task itself or time spent discussing any element of the project/task either in person, via email or on the telephone. Travel time to and from client meetings over 30 minutes each way will be deducted from the allotted hours. All work will be timed on a per minute basis and rounded up where applicable. Statements of time used on which projects/tasks are available upon request. Priority Service provides an initial response to email/telephone requests within 12 hours. All packages that do not include Priority Service will result in up to 48 hour response time.</p>